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Membership Application or Renewal is a two-step process: First, we ask that you send us your information by filling out our Application, then remit your payment.

WE'RE SORRY BUT THE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON COMPUTERS, NOT MOBILE DEVICES. Even if your mobile device appears to display and submit the PDF properly, it WILL NOT send the application to us. The way PDFs are handled on mobile devices has not yet caught up to the software on a computer. Please use a computer to fill out the form, or print the form and mail it.

To pay online: After completing the Application, click Submit. You will will be taken to the Membership Payment page. Please make your payment. When paying online, a processing fee of $5.00 will be added to your membership fee. Your online application is not complete until you make your payment.

If you prefer to pay by check: After completing the Application, click Print. Mail your completed application and your payment as instructed on the Application.

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If you are using a mobile device, the online membership application is not available to mobile users.

If you are using a computer, click here
for the membership form.

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