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Alliance Awards


1996 Lou Kerestesy
1997 Raymond Rich
1998 Jay Norin
1999 J. Leland Utley
2000 Robert Gandee
2001 Allen Massie
2002 Albert Mansour
2004 Blair Schwartz
2006 Marjorie Squire

The Pat Clark award is presented to a hearing healthcare professional who exemplifies the spirit of dispensing as well as individuals who have committed themselves to the profession to distinguish his or herself on behalf of their colleagues and patients with hearing impairments. Richard L. “Pat” Clark, Jr. was a dedicated servant working on the behalf of the Hearing Instrument Specialist in Ohio and throughout the Nation. Pat Clark served as the President of the Hearing Healthcare Alliance of Ohio (1967-70) and the International Hearing Society (1986-1988).


The Dispenser of the Year Award is given to an individual who has distinguished himself or herself on behalf of the hearing impaired.  This individual serves his or her hearing impaired community with utmost professionalism.

1996 Felicia Boubin
1997 Linda Donaldson
1998 Frank A. Skinner
1999 Ron Proehl
2001 Margaret A. Ottoson
2006 Brian Pratt


Persons with 25 or more continuous years of membership are recognized with a Membership Award.

Name: Member Since:
Jerry Brumbaugh 1987
Brian Pratt 1987
Frank Skinner 1987
Pat Strnad 1986
Felicia Boubin 1986
Allen Massie 1986
Jane Rosengarten 1985
Joe Perri 1980
Mary Ann Heider 1980
Linda Donaldson 1979
Robert Plassman 1979
Ed Sheppard 1979
Jim Gooding 1971
Perry Staley 1970
Helene Norin Resnick 1965
Ray Rich 1958
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